Mar. 15th, 2008

There is no reason it should have taken me 5 years to find out this song and this band existed.  Did I just miss this?  Or did it really not get the internet/air time that it deserves?

Either way means the word needs to be spread more and counter all this 'anti-muslim' crap going around these days.

Also, you should check out their urdu/ sufi stuff.  Its good.  


"A few days later, Polar presented me with a poem that he had written right after the 9/11 attacks and said, 'you're free to do whatever you want with it'. Until that moment, Pakistan's long history of terrorism, violence and poverty had focused me on writing only in Urdu and Punjabi. 9/11 brought a huge paradigm shift to my consciousness. I now have a reason to write English songs. I want to comment on the flood of paranoia, grief, and crisis of identity that the world is collectively experiencing and No More is like a first painting." 


 I live ten blocks from Ground Zero. So when we hear about the attack on America, I also experienced it as an attack on my neighborhood, about two blocks from the field where my son plays soccer. When the dust from the collapsed towers started to collect on my window sills and on my floors it was upsetting in a mundane kind of way. Even war has its mundane side. The ongoing TV coverage had a report on the composition of the dust I'd been inhaling for days that was giving me some respiratory problems. It was mostly crushed concrete and wallboard. Along with that there was plastic from computers and the bones of the people who were in the towers when they collapsed. I'd been inhaling the remains of the victims of September 11. My lungs were filling up every day with underpaid firefighters, police officers, cafeteria workers, secretaries, mail room workers, word processors, graphic designers and overpaid executives. I had, in my body, Muslims, Jews, Christians, atheists, liberals, conservatives, women and men from hundreds of countries, heterosexuals and homosexuals. I was together with them. We had nothing to disagree or fight about. They were part of my body and came in with the air that keeps me alive. The planet Earth is one body that houses us all in the same way.That realization gave added texture to the whole nightmare. I wrote the poem then, a few days after the attack.



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