it seems you are dead
So I have a free one- it will save you $90. if you want to come with. And can get/travel with me to Chicago in two weeks.
Ne Viens Pas, full lyrics )

With These Eyes )
I am too lazy to make that prettier.
"With These Eyes" is here:

but ignore the lyrics on the screen, I think they were transcribed wrong so I've done my own. Unless I'm more crazy than I thought and just hearing things.

Actual vid to "Ne Viens Pas" is here:

So, being on a French music kick at the moment, as I am wont to do, I recently rediscovered this Canadian with an awesome voice, named Roch (pronounced "Rock") Voisine and his awesome folk/rock/ballad songs. Reading up on him, All these articles are like, 'he's tried for years to break into the English music scene, in addition to the French (that is, he's big in Canada, France, la Francophonie, etc, but not in the U.S.). The man is gorgeous, as far as men go, and has an amazing voice, performs spectacularly well live, and plays his own guitar. What could possibly be the problem, you might ask?

Surfing around youtube, I am enjoying his French songs, and decide to try some English ones. There are a few covers, and then a melody I recognize from a French piece I discovered earlier. It only takes a few seconds to realize that I have found the problem to his lack of English-language success.

Rants and Large Lyrics Comparison Under teh Cut. Read at your own risk. )

I suppose this would be a much better rant if I were to take the time to cite more examples from text above, but I am lazy and even I do not have that much time to kill, at the moment. Especially as the only person who will likely get anything out of this exercise is me. (I know my flist does not really do the whole French music thing, and could probably care less.) And it's not like Roch or his people will ever see this. So I will wrap this up:

Roch Voisine, you have an amazing voice, lots of talent, stage presence, and poignant lyrics in French. Get yourself some goddamn decent English translations, or take a tip from Joe Dassin and change the topic of the lyrics entirely when going between languages, instead of this uber-badfic incoherent gook you are currently using, and you'll have a much better chance at making it in the English-speaking world. Thank you.

If anyone cares, I'll post full text and youtube links to "With these Eyes" and "Ne Viens Pas" (with translation), in a separate post, so you can make your own evaluation.


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I'm not really wanting to go into a huge political rant at the moment, so I'll keep this short. Tthe above headline is one of the reasons I love Dan Savage.  And the logic is one of the reasons I am scared of the 'Conservatives" in this town.  The story itself is rather disturbing/ serious and a good example of all that is wrong with political fear-mongering, false logic, repressive sexuality, and idiotic anti-gay bigotry.  That said, the above sentence has been making me laugh/cry for the past 30 mins, so I decided I had to share.

Via Slog:

or, original article from Think Progress:
Holy Fuck, Michel Sardou, why have I never paid attention to these lyrics before?

A faire pâlir tous les Marquis de Sade
A faire rougir les putains de la rade
A faire crier grâce à tous les échos
A faire trembler les murs de Jéricho
Je vais t'aimer

So that every Marquis de Sade would turn pale

So that the whores by the roadside would blush

So that every echo cries for mercy

So that the walls of Jericho tremble

(that’s how) I will love you

A faire flamber des enfers dans tes yeux
A faire jurer tous les tonnerres de Dieu
A faire dresser tes seins et tous les Saints
A faire prier et supplier nos mains
Je vais t'aimer


So that hellfires are set aflame in your eyes

So that the Thunder of God will curse

So that the your [chest] and the Saints shall rise

So that our hands pray and beg

I will love you


Je vais t'aimer
Comme on ne t'a jamais aimée
Je vais t'aimer
Plus loin que tes rêves ont imaginé
Je vais t'aimer je vais t'aimer

I will love you

as you have never been loved

I will love you

beyond your wildest dreams

I will love you, I will love you

Je vais t'aimer
Comme personne n'a osé t'aimer
Je vais t'aimer
Comme j'aurais tellement aimé être aimé
Je vais t'aimer je vais t'aimer

I will love you

As no one has dared love you

I will love you

As I would have so loved to be loved

A faire vieillir à faire blanchir la nuit
A faire brûler la lumière jusqu'au jour
A la passion et jusqu'a la folie
Je vais t'aimer je vais t'aimer d'amour

So that the night grows old and whitens

So that light will burn until day comes

With passion, and to madness

I will love you, I will love you with love

A faire cerner à faire fermer nos yeux
A faire souffrir à faire mourir nos corps
A faire voler nos âmes aux septièmes cieux
A se croire morts et faire l'amour encore
Je vais t'aimer

So that our eyelids lower, so that our eyes close

So that our bodies suffer, so that our bodies die

So that our souls fly to seventh heaven

So we believe ourselves dead and yet still making love

I will love you

Je vais t'aimer
Comme on ne t'a jamais aimée
Je vais t'aimer
Plus loin que tes rêves ont imaginé
Je vais t'aimer je vais t'aimer

I will love you

As no one has ever loved you

I will love you

Beyond what your dreams have imagined

I will love you I will love you

Je vais t'aimer
Comme personne n'a osé t'aimer
Je vais t'aimer
Comme j'aurais tellement aimé être aimé
Je vais t'aimer je vais t'aimer


I will love you

As no one has dared to love you

I will love you

As I would so have loved to be loved

I will love you   I will love you

OK, so I don't know why I made myself a fan-journal.  I mean, this one is supposed to be for rl stuff, but I hardly update it and when i do its all bitch or fangirl.  I promise someday I will be brave and actually blog.   But for now, the important is below





SETEMBER 13, 2008

Who's with me??
It is probably going to be rough getting tickets, so I wanna start now.  Good thing buses from NYC to DC are affordable...


There is no reason it should have taken me 5 years to find out this song and this band existed.  Did I just miss this?  Or did it really not get the internet/air time that it deserves?

Either way means the word needs to be spread more and counter all this 'anti-muslim' crap going around these days.

Also, you should check out their urdu/ sufi stuff.  Its good.  


"A few days later, Polar presented me with a poem that he had written right after the 9/11 attacks and said, 'you're free to do whatever you want with it'. Until that moment, Pakistan's long history of terrorism, violence and poverty had focused me on writing only in Urdu and Punjabi. 9/11 brought a huge paradigm shift to my consciousness. I now have a reason to write English songs. I want to comment on the flood of paranoia, grief, and crisis of identity that the world is collectively experiencing and No More is like a first painting." 


 I live ten blocks from Ground Zero. So when we hear about the attack on America, I also experienced it as an attack on my neighborhood, about two blocks from the field where my son plays soccer. When the dust from the collapsed towers started to collect on my window sills and on my floors it was upsetting in a mundane kind of way. Even war has its mundane side. The ongoing TV coverage had a report on the composition of the dust I'd been inhaling for days that was giving me some respiratory problems. It was mostly crushed concrete and wallboard. Along with that there was plastic from computers and the bones of the people who were in the towers when they collapsed. I'd been inhaling the remains of the victims of September 11. My lungs were filling up every day with underpaid firefighters, police officers, cafeteria workers, secretaries, mail room workers, word processors, graphic designers and overpaid executives. I had, in my body, Muslims, Jews, Christians, atheists, liberals, conservatives, women and men from hundreds of countries, heterosexuals and homosexuals. I was together with them. We had nothing to disagree or fight about. They were part of my body and came in with the air that keeps me alive. The planet Earth is one body that houses us all in the same way.That realization gave added texture to the whole nightmare. I wrote the poem then, a few days after the attack.
 Wow, it's been another month without an entry.  Damn.  I should work on this.  This was going to be a substantial post (substantial as in having substance- not necessarily as in long), but I've suddenly lost motivation.  Maybe later this evening.  That could work.

Anyway, if anyone out there is looking to go to Otakon this year and has the required disposable income, we are looking for a 4th to fill the room.  It INVOLVES A PIRATE HOTEL, AN ANIME CON, and I'm holding out for some kickass musical entertainment.  

Also, SID wins.

for so many reasons, but most recently for making this silly stalker-fangirl song so damn sexy awesome. And creepy.  CREEEEEPY.

see translation here:

So, I had honestly completely forgotten today was Valentine's day. But some people refuse to let me stay oblivious. So, rather than ruminate on being alone, I'm going to share by posting the sweetest song I know.

I'm not sure it's supposed to be especially romantic, but I kinda find it so. Someday, DO.WANT. Someone to say all that to me. :)

 "Don't cry" ~Fukuyama Masaharu

Don't cry, come over here
I'll embrace everything about you
Don't be frightened because you're all alone
Because I'm touching your heart

I want to understand your sadness
I want to bring  you warmth 

Don't cry, look over here
I'm talking in true words
Forget what you've lost already
After all, a true smile's best, right?

Don't mistake this for gentleness,
I want to share your happiness

You're here. 
Just because of that, I can become strong
I'm here.
No matter what, I'll show you I'll protect you

You can start over many times
Don't doubt your important dream

You're here.
Just because of that, I'll do my  best.
If I'm with you,
No matter what the tomorrow, I can go on living

Don't cry, come over here
I'll embrace everything about you
Let's talk alot about tomorrow
That's right, after all I love your smile

hey, smile

(Fine print- b/c its the internet here people. Above craptastic translation copyright me (Tenbun). Song  belongs to Masha. If you have corrections/suggestions, please let me know. No stealing. Give credit where credit is due.)

So, I had an actual entry here, but lj lost it.  Suffice to say, I will not be making it to japan for the x concert, but I've decided I will be seeing whoever plays at Otakon this year.  Anyone up for a con in baltimore at the beginning of augsut and want to go in on a hotel room with me? 
And I only know this because of the countdown to LUNA SEA ONE NIGHT DEVAJU god bless you counter @ jrockrevolution.

I was so caught up in finals i didn't even realize

*Goes off to buy last minute christmas gifts*

PS: I should not even have to mention how F***king AWESOME the fact that this concert exists is. I hope there's a DVD :) 

Can I write 20 pages of paper in under 12 hours?  we shall find out.

 Progress on things that Need to be DONE Monday:

Econ Problems:  1/4

PSC Paper:  6/20

Econ Paper: .5/10

See entry title ^^;;;

So, if these rumors are true, and the X JAPAN REUNION! will hit the US on a let of the tour, I pretty much *need* to be there.  

Who wants to go with?

IF these rumors are not true, who wants to engage in a small bit of fan-personing with me anyway? ^_~

Chuck  = Crack.

Really good crack


Let' s see, i'm only posting b/c i realize that last entry (over a month ago!) was rather emo-ish.  And as i am in a much happier place right now, I didn't like that fact.

And i got a haircut. Which requires investing in a flat iron.   Not so sure how i feel about this ^_^

Book Meme

Oct. 8th, 2007 12:36 pm
Because I too should not be procrastinating. And the situation in Burma is overwhelming my paper writing skillz at the moment. Meme under the cut.
Cut )

So, I've said it before, and i'm saying it again, except this time I'm uber serious. I am going to update this silly thing about life more often, so if I know you and you want to read, friend me and if I can figure out who you are, I'll friend you back.

I figure with moving to a new place and all, I'm really going to have to step it up on my half of the "being a good friend" thing. Because generally I fail at it and there are a lot of people I don't want to lose this time around.

So, if you wish to know of my happiness, rants, cryings, and possibly some random fangirlishness thrown into the mix, please do be friending. Otherwise, well, hope to hear from you via other avenues. That is all.
So, its last semester of senior year. Which means this is probably my last procrastination post as an undergrad. Which is, incidently, the only reason I'm writing it. Silly paper of doom> I really wanted to be out having fun today with certain peoples who are only in town for a bit; but i need this paper to graduate so I stuck around to work on it. And its 12 hrs hater and its not done. Blah. Anyway, that is that. I really do need to work now.

Good luck everybody.


Ps. Smile really is a good album. I should forget i dislike it more often.
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