Sep. 29th, 2009

So, being on a French music kick at the moment, as I am wont to do, I recently rediscovered this Canadian with an awesome voice, named Roch (pronounced "Rock") Voisine and his awesome folk/rock/ballad songs. Reading up on him, All these articles are like, 'he's tried for years to break into the English music scene, in addition to the French (that is, he's big in Canada, France, la Francophonie, etc, but not in the U.S.). The man is gorgeous, as far as men go, and has an amazing voice, performs spectacularly well live, and plays his own guitar. What could possibly be the problem, you might ask?

Surfing around youtube, I am enjoying his French songs, and decide to try some English ones. There are a few covers, and then a melody I recognize from a French piece I discovered earlier. It only takes a few seconds to realize that I have found the problem to his lack of English-language success.

Rants and Large Lyrics Comparison Under teh Cut. Read at your own risk. )

I suppose this would be a much better rant if I were to take the time to cite more examples from text above, but I am lazy and even I do not have that much time to kill, at the moment. Especially as the only person who will likely get anything out of this exercise is me. (I know my flist does not really do the whole French music thing, and could probably care less.) And it's not like Roch or his people will ever see this. So I will wrap this up:

Roch Voisine, you have an amazing voice, lots of talent, stage presence, and poignant lyrics in French. Get yourself some goddamn decent English translations, or take a tip from Joe Dassin and change the topic of the lyrics entirely when going between languages, instead of this uber-badfic incoherent gook you are currently using, and you'll have a much better chance at making it in the English-speaking world. Thank you.

If anyone cares, I'll post full text and youtube links to "With these Eyes" and "Ne Viens Pas" (with translation), in a separate post, so you can make your own evaluation.


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Ne Viens Pas, full lyrics )

With These Eyes )
I am too lazy to make that prettier.
"With These Eyes" is here:

but ignore the lyrics on the screen, I think they were transcribed wrong so I've done my own. Unless I'm more crazy than I thought and just hearing things.

Actual vid to "Ne Viens Pas" is here:



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