Feb. 14th, 2008

So, I had honestly completely forgotten today was Valentine's day. But some people refuse to let me stay oblivious. So, rather than ruminate on being alone, I'm going to share by posting the sweetest song I know.

I'm not sure it's supposed to be especially romantic, but I kinda find it so. Someday, DO.WANT. Someone to say all that to me. :)

 "Don't cry" ~Fukuyama Masaharu

Don't cry, come over here
I'll embrace everything about you
Don't be frightened because you're all alone
Because I'm touching your heart

I want to understand your sadness
I want to bring  you warmth 

Don't cry, look over here
I'm talking in true words
Forget what you've lost already
After all, a true smile's best, right?

Don't mistake this for gentleness,
I want to share your happiness

You're here. 
Just because of that, I can become strong
I'm here.
No matter what, I'll show you I'll protect you

You can start over many times
Don't doubt your important dream

You're here.
Just because of that, I'll do my  best.
If I'm with you,
No matter what the tomorrow, I can go on living

Don't cry, come over here
I'll embrace everything about you
Let's talk alot about tomorrow
That's right, after all I love your smile

hey, smile

(Fine print- b/c its the internet here people. Above craptastic translation copyright me (Tenbun). Song  belongs to Masha. If you have corrections/suggestions, please let me know. No stealing. Give credit where credit is due.)




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